Oak Alley Plantation

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All three plantation are located 70 miles or about 1 hour from the French Quarter. The pick-up begins at 8:00 am. We use “Crescent City Tours & Transportation” for the ground transportation service. The driver goes hotel to hotel for the pick-up service. We ask that you allow us up to 30 minutes for the pick-up service. Pick up will be curbside of your hotel. We arrive at Oak Alley @ 10:00 AM Departure will be 12:30 PM

Whitney Plantation

Whitney Plantation is the only plantation museum in Louisiana with an exclusive focus on the lives of enslaved people. Visit Whitney’s memorials and restored buildings to enter the world of a Louisiana sugar plantation and to remember those who built and worked this property. The Whitney Plantation is the only plantation that has a focus on the institution of slavery. The Whitney museum offers Tour Guides who have been educated in African Studies, with some holding PhD’s, so prepare yourself to be educated on the institution of slavery as a whole with a narrative and a strict focus on enslaved Africans in Southeast Louisiana.

Laura Plantation

The Laura Plantation tour near New Orleans is considered by many in the tour industry as the best historical plantation tour in the Mississippi Valley. The plantation was run by four Creole women, most notable, was Laura, from where the plantation gets its name. The women ran the plantation over 60 years, using slave labor. You will get to view and enter the 1840’s slave quarters, as part of this tour. You will hear stories of all aspects of the plantation life. including the fact that the book “Bier Rabbit” was written here. The Plantation house was nearly destroyed by fire back in 2003, but it was rebuilt to the original design using building materials from antique homes that was disassembled and sold off in pieces. The rebuilding process of the plantation house is a story in itself!

Airboat Tours

Hotel Pickup available. Please allow 30 minutes for pickup from each tour start time.

Small Airboat 6 to 10 passengers with roundtrip transportation: $175

Large Airboat with up to 18 passengers with roundtrip transportation: $152



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