The Myrtles Plantation
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The history of the South will always provide us with tails of romance and mystery.

Circa 1796

Experience antebellum splendor in this circa 1796 National historic Registry Plantation home famed for its Mystic and riveting history.
Surrounded by centuries old Live Oak trees the mansion featured a 125-foot verandah exquisite ornamental ironwork hand painted stained glass, open pierced frieze work crown molding, Aubusson tapestry, Baccarat crystal chandelier, Carrara marble mantles, gold leafed French furnishings and GHOSTS. At first glance the home and its environment envelops one with the complete sense of peace and tranquility.

History and hauntings at the myrtles plantation

Most plantations in Louisiana have a distinctive characteristic that they are known for and at the myrtles plantation ours is undeniably the spirits and our reputation as being one of America’s most wanted homes. So take a tour of the myrtles plantation and learn about the slave girl Chloe, And maybe even catch a glimpse of her as she roams the grounds of this historic site.

The a General’s store is the perfect place to shop for locally made gifts and souvenirs.
The myrtles plantation is located 26 miles north of Baton Rouge and 98 miles northwest of New Orleans via interstate Roads.
This tour is especially for the foodies also, This is the place where you can experience cooking and cuisine at it’s southern finest.
(Home is where the hearth is)
Center around a 10’ wood-fired hearth, Restaurant 1796 prides it’s self on fresh southern ingredients finish to perfection over the fire with a shared experience reminiscent of a family holiday gathering.

If you haven’t been to a restaurant 1796 yet, you’re in for Unique treat. In a reverent nod to the history of the property most of our dishes have either pass through or somehow been touch by the hearth. Guess our encouraged to choose individual main proteins and then fill their table with small plates and shareable’s handcrafted from local, market fresh produce.
We find the whole experience makes for engaging conversation and bring a relaxed atmosphere to fine dining with enthusiastic waitstaff, an enviable wine list mouthwatering cocktails and dessert.

Crescent City Tours and Transportation will provide round-trip transportation to the myrtles plantation. The pick up starts at 8:00 am. Please allow 30 minutes for pick up. As we make our way to the myrtles plantation your guide will point out certain points of interest along the way. Where you will cross the beautiful Lake Pontchartrain one of the largest salt water lakes in the world, This massive body of water is 28 miles long and 40 miles wide. There’s a bridge that goes directly over the middle of the lake, It’s called the Causeway it’s the longest bridge in the world over water it was featured on the history channels, Modern Marvels. The bridge itself is 24 miles long. You will also learn about the Bonnie Carrie spillway. There will be so much to see and do on this tour. Once arriving at the myrtles plantation between 10:15 am and 10:30 am You will have a 15 minutes for a restroom break. Your tour will begin at 10:50 am until 11:30 am. Once your tour has concluded you will have another hour and 30 minutes for a self-guided tour. And you are welcome dine in the 1796 restaurant of the plantation. At the conclusion of the tour we will depart for New Orleans at 2:00 pm


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