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New Orleans streetcar in Mid City
5 December

Explore the 7 Wonders of Bayou St. John

New Orleans is one of those cities that has a personality for every neighborhood.

Just like the soul food that’s served hot, there’s a flavor for everyone.

Mid-city is located centrally among the liveliness of the areas surrounding, a place where you can take a breather from all the excitement.

Bayou St. John is a canny sub neighborhood within, that sits along nothing other than, the bayou itself of course!

New Orleans is not known for its beaches but give New Orleanians a body of water and they’ll make sure to sunbathe alongside it with a nice cool beverage at hand.

Here is a guide for some neighborhood activities.

Enjoy city park

City Park is a New Orleans staple, located just on the edge of the bayou its massive landscape engulfs the outskirts of lakeview.

The park itself is about 1,300 acres! Not only does this majestic place hold the largest collection of mature live oak trees, but it has many more landmarks for sightseeing.

City parks singing tree is a great place to cozy up to with a blanket and a book. The chimes dangling from the tree the landmark is named after make for a relaxing background sound.

Not too far away are the sculpture gardens. This area will allow you to feel the sun on your skin while you mosey into artistic views.

Just around the corner and over a bridge made for romance is NOMA, the museum holds events like: Gallery Night and NOMA Family Day Say Cheese. NOMA has something for every age and is a perfect after-picnic activity.

City Park is one of the beautiful stops that we make on our New Orleans city tours.

Live it up on one of our excursions around the city!

A Neighborhood Bar, Pal’s Lounge

Tucked right behind the bayou this neighborhood bar has everyone from around the block letting loose with its daily shot and beer specials. Most nights, Pal’s will be accompanied by a food truck to appease your appetite.

This bar is the best environment for getting to know the people in the area while comfortably having a casual drink and snack.

The bartenders really make the experience personal, and cozy so make sure to tip!

Sweeten your mood at Angelo Brocatos

If sweets are your thing, this is the spot for you.

Born in Italy, the pastry chef Angelo Brocato and his brother apprenticed in the gelato and pastry trade back in 1875.

Originally, they owned a gelato shop off Decatur and Ursulines. It wasn’t until 1978 that the location landed where it is today, making it a pitstop for mid-city sweet tooths.

This gelato and Italian pastry shop has cannoli’s for days and lovely outdoor seating to enjoy some people watching.

Appreciate the convenience of the streetcar

Some cities have subways, some have trolleys, but nothing beats the charm of a New Orleans streetcar.

The New Orleans streetcar was one of the first passenger railroads in the United States.

The streetcar goes from St. Claude, to uptown and over to the riverfront to Canal St.  and through St Charles. The cost? You may ask, just 1.25.

It’s a ride with a view, and well worth it.

Buy your jazzy pass now!

Find out what love is made of through sausages

Visit the Local grocery store at Terranova Supermarket

Not a sweet person? No problem.

Located off Esplanade is the Sicilian owned supermarket, whose sausages have stood through 4 generations.

This grocery store has po boys, stuffed pork chops, hogshead cheese and amazing service.

The recipes come straight from Italian heritage and the vibe is family meets the neighborhood. Terranova’s is as rich in history as its food and the food is made with love, plus it’s delicious.

A specialty supermarket within the convenience of the neighborhood.

Get yourself a classic New Orleans muffuletta today!

Take a trip back in time

Explore The Pitot House

James Pitot was the first American mayor of New Orleans back in 1804. Pitot opened the commerce of Bayou St. John and Carondelet Canal. The house was purchased by Pitot back in 1810.

The house is now on the National register of historical places and highlights creole colonial architecture.

Bring out your inner historian and gush over the detail surrounding the house and its landscape. It’s one of the last west indies style houses left in Louisiana, you won’t regret it!

Walk along the bayou

The highlight of the neighborhood itself is the bayou.

This natural beauty was once a 4-mile-long waterway.

It’s where you can bet on running into your neighbor and exhaust your pup. The bayou embodies community and is a favorite gathering spot for the locals.

This spot is for all you outdoorsy folk; the runners, walkers and even sports fanatics.

Here, you can find troves of people playing volleyball or backgammon. You can count on couples being cuddled in the corners where the steps lead into the water. This is a spot where friendly kayakers will glide past, collecting any balls that may have misfired into the water.

The Bayou brings the kind of charm that only exists in small cities.

Come be our neighbor and laissez bon temps rouler!

No matter where you are in the city, Bayou St. John is just a hop, skip and a jump away.

Come and enjoy the neighborhood!

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