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14 July

New Orleans Tourism: Why Choose Crescent City Tours?

We’re Glad you Asked.

If you’re searching for things to do in New Orleans, you may have decided to book a tour to explore the city. But why should you choose our Plantation tours or our swamp tours instead of booking directly with the company? Well, let us share with you the reasons why our company, Crescent City Tours, stands out from the rest.

Our Owner & Tour Guides Are Passionate About New Orleans Tourism

When you book with our company, you’re booking the expertise and passion of our owner, Brian Webber, who has been a tour guide since 2004. Unlike those who are simply drawn to the easy money of tourism in the Big Easy, Webber’s passion lies in ensuring that people on his tours in New Orleans have the time of their lives. This dedication and enthusiasm sets our company apart.

New Orleans Tourism? We Know It

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and experience in tourism. With Brian’s long history as a tour guide and deckhand, he possesses a deep understanding of New Orleans and its rich history. When you choose our company, you can expect an exceptional experience guided by someone who knows the ins and outs of the city.

You’re Booking with A Company That Treats Their Employees Well

Moreover, by selecting our services, you support a company that values its employees, which directly translates into excellent customer service. Unlike businesses that prioritize profits over people, Crescent City Tours treats its employees well. This positive work environment permeates into the way our customers are treated, creating a unique and enjoyable tour experience you won’t find elsewhere.

You Get a Tour Guide

Booking with us means more than just securing a tour; you’ll have your own personal tour guide. While you can explore various locations in New Orleans and surrounding areas independently, having a knowledgeable guide by your side adds an extra layer of fun and information. Your tour guide will give you fascinating facts, eliminating the need to sift through unreliable internet sources. Plus, the tour guide becomes an additional source of entertainment, perfect for livening up a dull crowd or adding excitement to an already energetic group.

We’re All About NOLA

When you’re traveling you wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t know the area to show you around, would you? Of course not! Having a company like Crescent City Tours that knows New Orleans means they know the community and they know that’s what New Orleans is all about. That and a love for The Saints of course. Trust us to be your friendly locals with the inside knowledge of the Big Easy. We know where to go, who to know and where’s the best show. Whether it’s the best dive bars or the finest French cuisine: if it’s Nola you want information about, then we have your answers and then some baby!

We Provide Transportation for All Of Our Tours

Transportation is often a concern when booking tours, but not with Crescent City Tours. We not only offer knowledgeable guides and excellent customer service but also provide transportation. Whether it’s transportation to and from our tours or rides to the airport, football games, basketball games, and more, we have you covered. And rest assured, our comfortable seats will have you riding in luxury. Plus, you can’t get a taxi ride or Uber to the plantations and swamps that we visit. When you book with us, that includes your transportation, which brings us to…


Convenience is another aspect we prioritize. While booking specific attractions like plantations or airboat rides can be straightforward, Crescent City Tours offers an all-in-one solution for your convenience. When you book with us, you can leave the worries of driving, route planning, and comfort behind. Be free of all the unnecessary drama so you can fully enjoy your vacation. We also do double tours, meaning you can kill two birds in one stone with our double plantation tours and swamp-plantation tour combos.

We’ve Got the Special Sauce

There are tour groups, there are tours and then there’s us. We are that big personality that leads the room. There’s a pretty infamous story that describes a time when Brian Webber was running a tour about 30 minutes out. Brian and one of the people riding along the bus were looking at a brochure when an unsuspecting woman came by confused about what bus she was on and asked Brian with the assumption she was on his bus.The women riding with Brian chimed in to say “you would know if this was your bus”. All to say, Crescent City Tours has the high-energy feel of your favorite workout class without any of the “work”. The experience is in the people and if you’re on one of our tours you won’t regret or forget it.

We Do Our Own Thing Too

Additionally, we offer our unique tours. By booking through us, you’ll have the opportunity to join one of our New Orleans City Tours. Explore the city with our knowledgeable guides and consider booking multiple tours to make the most of your time in Crescent City. Our tours are reliable and safe and guarantee a fun-filled vacation experience.

If you still need further assurance, take a look at our reviews. You can’t miss our big bus rolling through the French Quarter, filled with people having a good time. Don’t settle for a mere booking; choose the unforgettable experience with Crescent City Tours.

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