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16 November

Things to Do in New Orleans: Get Jazzed

New Orleans is here to give your life that hint of spice you’ve been missing. Whether it’s food, music, culture, or art, we make every day look like a party. With an abundance of options, who’s to say you won’t run into some saturated tourist trap? Don’t worry; we won’t let it happen to you. When it comes to NOLA, we know all the spots to liven up your vacation.

Airboat Swamp Tours

Here at Crescent City Tours, we love a swamp tour, flying by the seat of your pants kind of thing. Experience the swamp as you’ve never seen it before with us. Grab your boots and get ready for a little bit of scenery, a lot of wildlife, and a bit of education on Louisiana Cajun culture. The ride, unlike the one of life, is a relaxing adventure into Louisiana’s most beautiful habitat. The only thing we ask is you bring something to take a photo with and enjoy the ride. The tours have large boats that can fit up to 18 passengers and smaller ones that fit up to 10. Keep in mind, the smaller the faster, so pick your vice. Prepare to see one of our reptile friends or some of the many birds and enjoy the adventure!

Visit One of the River Road Plantations

Some of our most amazing tours include the plantations located on River Road. Come out with us and explore Laura Plantation. This 200-year-old plantation homestead gives you a tour of Memories of the Old Plantation Home along with old documents from the United States and France. Take a gander around The Big House where you can find galleries, parlors, and service rooms from the original homestead. Wander around the three gardens on the property and explore one of the 12 buildings along the way. Experience their newest exhibit: From the Big House to Quarters: Slavery on Laura Plantation. Don’t stop at Laura Plantation; keep it going all the way down River Road to Oak Alley Plantation, where you can admire all 28 of the oak trees that surround the area. Dive into a 1920s garden of wonder or an 1830s kitchen. Explore the Big House exhibit, Sugar Cane Theatre, Blacksmith Shop, or The Slavery at Oak Alley Exhibit. These plantations put River Road on the map and make for a historical and valuable outing. Here at Crescent City Tours, we can even take you to both, on our double plantation tours.

Eat Like a Local – New Orleans Garden District Food & History Tour

Most people have ventured out into Uptown for some dining and have most certainly checked out the quarter, but a lesser-known area has our mouthwatering. The Garden District is full of hidden gems. On the New Orleans Garden District Food & History Tour, you can expect a few things. First and foremost, delicious food. You will not be leaving hungry; let’s just say our recommended tours always do their job right. Our recommended tour guides promise to give you a tour centered around the history of the district. Food tastes better when you know where it comes from, and we’re a big proponent of that. Last but certainly not least, they’ll show you around all the local shops so you can provide a souvenir to those who couldn’t make it to this amazing experience.

New Orleans Nightlife & Live Music Tour of Frenchmen Street

Here in New Orleans, it’s not just about what you do with your days that matter; it’s also about what happens when the sun goes down. With that being said, while you’re here, our recommended tour guides can assure you of the best spots to make your evening one to remember. On the New Orleans Nightlife & Live Music Tour of Frenchmen Street, what can you expect? A tour of three of our favorite bars which, of course, includes two adult beverages to give you the courage to jive, that is if you need it. An exploration of what we like to call a “music menu” where you can roam safely and enjoy the tunes. Lastly, don’t think we left out our historical value here; you will also have a tour guide who will share all the tea on New Orleans history along the way.

New Orleans City Tour

The final jewel on the crown, as some might say, is our all-encompassing New Orleans city tour. Get three hours in our comfortable coach seats and let us make the hard decisions for you. Along the way, your licensed tour guide will inform you of the history and culture of the Creoles. From the triumphant struggles that make this city the tight-knit community that it is with our stops at areas affected by Katrina to the culture that’s embedded with our stops in the bustling quarter. You will be able to see the oaks of City Park and the homes of Anne Rice, the Governor Claiborne’s Daughter’s home, and so much more. It wouldn’t be a trip without a stop at Morning Call for some chicory coffee and beignets. The first two pick-up times are 8:30 and 1:30, and yes! We, of course, pick you up from your hotel like the respectable gentlemen and women we are, just allow for a 30-minute pick- up time.

There you have it, a curated list of the finest experiences New Orleans has to offer. So, kick back, unwind, and let the Joie de vivre sweep you away.



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