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25 March

An Uptown New Orleans Guide

Life in New Orleans is like a box of Zapp’s potato chips, each neighborhood brings its own unique style and seasoning. Uptown is arguably the most picturesque area of New Orleans, with the beautiful parks, the streetcar line, and the grand mansions that line St. Charles. The neighborhood is a perfect mix of classic New Orleans architecture combined with a modern touch that only adds to the southern charm Uptown exudes. Uptown is both prim, proper, and dressed. When it comes to checking out this historic neighborhood peppered with beautiful homes and eclectic restaurants, trust us to give you the inside scoop about the best spots to visit when you are looking for things to do in Uptown, New Orleans.

The Best Uptown New Orleans Stops:

The Fly

Butterfly Park, otherwise known as The Fly, is a beautiful green space just north of Audubon Park that has one of the best views of the Mississippi river. The name of this too-hot-to-trot recreational space came about because of the butterfly-shaped river viewing shelter that was built in the 1960s and later demolished in the 1980s. Today, this is a popular grassy area of land to do everything from throwing a frisbee to sunbathing, all while you get to overlook the Mississippi River and hear the peaceful calm of water running alongside you. The Fly is a popular local spot where you will enjoy the company of both the fun locals and some visiting folks, all in the warmth of playing in the sun.

The Shard Shop

The Shard Shop is a spot where you can be a little bit creative and look at beautiful glass pieces created by local artists. At the Shard Shop, you will get to create some beautiful art with pieces of stained glass. So how does it work? You choose a class you’re interested in on The Shard Shop website and then enjoy a pre-painted canvas with tumbled upcycled glass. When it comes to safety you don’t need to worry, they teach you how to handle the glass safely and how to avoid injuries. Your design options include gorgeous glass fish, a fleur de lis, the outline of the state of Louisiana, and many more. No matter what you choose, the team at The Shard Shop will help you to make sure the final piece is stunning. Head over to the Shard Shop and tap into your creative side with another great spot in Uptown, New Orleans.

The Exchange Pickleball + Bar

Uptown keeps up with the trends, and if you have been paying attention to recent trending activities, then you have probably heard of Pickleball. If you’re new to the game, and don’t know what the heck we’re talking about, let us explain. We’re bringing you to The Exchange Pickleball + Bar, which is just about as niche as you can expect. Prepare for an evening or day of fun with modern 60s interior (and a bar). This place has indoor and outdoor courts along with a full bar and food. Even if you are not the sporty type, The Exchange is sure to give you a fun time, no matter how athletic you are. Pickleball is a fun activity for all, so add this spot to the list of awesome things to do in Uptown, New Orleans.


As you may or may not know, New Orleans is all about music, and that’s why this next spot is a New Orleans classic music bar. Tipitina’s opened in 1977, named after the classic song “Tipitina” by Professor Longhair, and with a name like that, you already know they’re bringing funk! The building was created in 1912 and used for quite a few activities like a gambling house, gymnasium, and even, in true New Orleans fashion, a brothel. You can expect an amazing performance any day of the week. Tipitina’s is truly a must-see spot, Fridays are the best days to catch a show, so make sure this is on your list of spots to visit when looking for the best things to do Uptown.

The Garden District

If you’re uptown, you have got to check out the Garden District. This area is as lush as it sounds, and if you are interested in gardens, you bet your bottom dollar it lives up to its name. Experience stunning oaks and charming homes. Come and check out the Lafayette Cemetery and discover all the 19th-century tombs. As per the name, all of the neighborhoods have striking vegetation that you could spend hours looking at. If all of this is somehow not up to your standards, there are plenty of small shops, boutiques, and fine dining restaurants to check out too. The Garden District is the kind of area you could spend a whole day moseying around in.


Last on our list is a quaint neighborhood bar that can’t be missed. At Rendezvous, you are sure to have a good time with friends (perhaps even a rendezvous). This place offers cheap drinks, great happy hours, and good people. Depending on the night, there are plenty of hot happenings from trivia to comedy night, even mermaid bingo on most Tuesdays. This place is a great spot to get a bite to eat too! Rendezvous serves up the most unique food trucks to give those taste buds exactly what they need. Check out their Instagram for what they have upcoming in their schedule and add this to your list of things to do in Uptown.

Uptown Big Easy Living

Hopefully, we have done a good job at convincing you to check out this iconic New Orleans neighborhood. Between the mansions, gardens, parks, restaurants, bars, and music, Uptown is a must-see neighborhood when you visit. Take the streetcar all the way down St. Charles and absorb all the beauty and wonder of New Orleans’ best neighborhood. With this list, we’ve got you covered on all the best and unique things to do in Uptown, New Orleans. Be sure to take one of our New Orleans city tours while you’re here.

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